One hundred thoughts trapped in a moment.

One mind, no tabula rasa.

Interconnected worlds with one storyline.

What makes a person? What maketh a philosopher?

The philosopher is made by the thought.

A person, by their action.

Poetry, music, philosophy, love.

It’s all beautiful.

The only necessity in life ~

Keep it beautiful.

Act well, think clearly, live clean.

We all have a moral coding inside, it is imperative to act upon it, like all true virtuoso’, like Aristotle himself, stay beautiful, aim for Eudaimonia.

We can all be Ubermensch.

This is me. These are mine.
Everything herein writ is original.
As original as anything in this world can be, though all pre-digested, regurgitated words are never original, I try to stay true to the true sense of words. To the true sense of self, to the true sense of me.
I am Valisha.
Here my soul lays bare.
Tread softly and do take care.